3 SEX Positions that most Women Love!

Asian Escorts MelbourneSex has truly evolved into a “magnetic subject.” Everyone’s talking about it, everyone loves to get involved with it, and everyone dreams to have a one of a kind adventure! – SEX. It’s really fascinating for both men and women, isn’t it?

But what sometimes goes wrong is when men turn out to be very selfish when it comes to satisfaction! They forgot how to make their queens feel satisfied like giving them an unforgettable climax and lustful orgasmic adventures. They even lose interest in the sex positions that make their women roll with ultimate pleasure!


What about you? Do you have the same mentality? If you have, why don’t you reprogram your mindset and start focusing on how you can make her erotic fantasies fulfilled?

I’ve talked to some Asian Escorts Melbourne. And I found out that most women have something in common when it comes to SEX positions they prefer. Sounds intriguing…

Here are the 3 sex styles: (Guess what? All of these are variations of “Missionary Position.”)

1. The Pillow/Blanket Technique

“Be creative in your bedroom.”

Missionary is probably the best position for them. Perhaps, you haven’t realised that this drives your goddess insane! But the thing is…it only gets boring if you don’t know how to spice it up. So, put a pillow or a blanket under her butt! This will lift her pelvic – giving more g-spot stimulation. Surprised?

“When my pelvic bone bangs with his…oh… It’s unexplainable! There’s that unusual sting of pleasure, lust and desire. The more he rams his cock… the more I feel like turned on, craving for more. It’s orgasmic and I really don’t want him to stop, even for a second.” – PillowFan

2. The MAGIC of Coital Alignment Technique

“Another secret!”

Haven’t heard of this before? It’s a missionary style where your body weight is on top of the woman but not resting on your elbows. (Imagine it?)

Just think you’re having the usual missionary. Then, move forward and make sure that the base of your cock is engaging with her clitoris. Take her legs and wrap it around your thighs. Lastly…do the thrusting! But make sure you’re both moving in a rhythmic and rocking action! There you go dude!

“This is the greatest position for me! The lustful rocking motion gives an incomparable stimulation of my clitoris. And I really love the feeling of intimacy with this angle. Whether they intensely or slowly push their throbbing cock inside my wetness, it all creates unforgettable orgasms! I want more…” – Bewitch

3. Her Ankles Up!

“Want to see a nicer view of her face and breasts during climax?”

This is it! Raise her ankles over your shoulders. Make sure you’re resting against your feet and holding those ankles straight as you stretch your arms horizontally. In this state, her legs should look like a giant letter V! – allows you to penetrate deeper and hitting her mysterious G-spot. (Realise why she loves this?)

“When I tried this one… oh my god… This one is insane! I never thought that his cock can go deeper in that way. I went wild with his intense thrust, wilder than ever. I can’t forget this!” – Vixennette