3 Tricks to Better Sex

Mastering the art of foreplay is one of the secrets to having a more satisfying sexual encounter. You should take foreplay seriously because it is contributory to the delicious tensions and heightening of the sensations that lead to a powerful climactic ending. There is more to sex than just getting off. Play around! Frolic with your partner even further. Trust us; it will benefit your libido immensely.

Asian Escorts Melbourne - 3 Tricks to Better SexThe Importance of Foreplay

First things first, you must understand that it takes a while before women are able to orgasm. They are not like men who can biologically find their release in a matter of 3 minutes. Ladies, need a little extra effort before she feels that delicious spasm emanating from her sex! In retrospect, foreplay is dedicated for women but it doesn’t mean that you cannot take pleasure in it as well!

Tip 1: Set the grounds for exploitation

When you feel like getting it on with your woman, it would be best that you start with humble but arousing beginnings. While she is at work, send her a sexy message indicating how much you are throbbing to get your hands on her. Be explicit but discreet at the same time. This helps in the build-up of the mood. Begin with the line “thinking about you…” then start improvising.

Send her messages that will make her wet!

Tip 2: Intensive reinforcement

You can never go wrong when you give regard to the pleasures that your partner is indulging on. When you grope her breasts, ask if she likes it. Practice expressiveness. You have to sound confident because it will give her added excitement that you know what you are doing and you know it brings her delicious feelings. Go with the lines, “You like that?” “Does this feel good?”

You may also add on the things that you are feeling. It will give her confidence the erotic boost! Tell her about how much her moans send tantric rhythms to your erection or tell her how her breasts feel so firm on your hands… Sex doesn’t have to be plainly moans and groans. A little communication will do you well too!

Tip 3: Increase the likelihood of enjoyment

Over the course of building up the sensual heat and sexual tension, play a little game to make things extra exciting. You may opt to do a little exchange of truth or dare or something that is more tantric. Engage in a competition. Let the winner do his/her bidding. Sex is an act that should be enjoyed and nobody said that you’re not allowed to giggle and laugh when you’re horny!

Bonus: Erotic Exploration

The body is filled with pleasure points! Find those parts in each of your bodies that send delicious tingling sensations to your love parts!

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