3 Tricks To Give ASTOUNDING Orgasms to Asian Escorts in Melbourne

In a world where every man embarks a journey to be the best and out do the rest, when can we actually say that he’s already at the peak of his goal? Is it having a large bank account? Having the latest cars? Buying expensive property? Or owning multiple businesses? Sorry to tell you, but those aren’t the answers.

The thing is, even if you have all the money in this world, being unable to fulfill your sexual fantasies could still make you feel dissatisfied and discontented with life. It’s an awful fact, but that’s reality. This is the reason why Young and hot escorts in Melbourne are here to make you complete! How?

Experiencing some of their “sexual goddesses” isn’t a guarantee. You must also become aware that they are still women who also want ultimate satisfaction and blissful erotic adventures!

What’s the benefit? Simple…They won’t forget YOU! They won’t…And that would make you at the top of the pack!

Here are the 3 Tricks: (These are according to them.)

Asian Escorts Melbourne1. Remember that the 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock are the portals to HEAVEN.

Let’s be honest! Guys like you totally appreciate it if woman emotionally devours your “magic wand.” That’s true! Now, the problem is, you also think that masticating the vast landscape of her pussy is the one she wants! You’re wrong with that.

A woman’s orgasm is mysterious when it comes to clitoral head licking rituals. You should be aware that there are certain points to hit – to unleash her monstrous moans and trembling screams! It’s the 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock zones in her clit hood.

Tip: Concentrate on the 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock marks on either side. Then, smoothly slip your tongue beneath the hood. In this situation, try your very best to examine her facial expressions. Become an instant psychologist right there. Lastly, have a “tongue tornado!”

2. Don’t forget your MUSKY Cologne.

Maybe you haven’t realized it yet, but when it comes to the sexual world, smell is the most powerful among the five senses. I know you’re thinking about the touch! Of course, it’s highly important too. But there’s something in the smell that can surely drive her insane!

The musky cologne has it all since it mimics testosterone. With this, her libido’s level will crank up – boosting her sexual performance. For the ultimate revelation – SMELL, sex, and memory command centres all share tight segments in the brain. This means that when your smell marks in her memory during your “sacred war,” she won’t forget that.

Tip: Obtain musky cologne. For sure, there is lots of it out there. Then, spray it on your body before you dive in with the escort! You’ll be surprised how the escorts remembered your presence.

3. The right side of her spine is a MAGIC Button.

You probably have fantasies like rolling all your fingers on every part of the woman’s body. Although it’s attainable, but if you’re goal is to transport the lady into the”paradise of orgasms,” you’re actually fantasizing a dull scenario!

Just like the clitoris, a woman’s body also has zones where you need to engage at certain times. The right side of the spine is absolutely a HOT spot during a sexual battle! It’s certainly a magic button waiting to be pressed by… of course, YOU!

Tip: Whether you’re kissing the sex goddess or stroking her with a tickler, do press the Magic button – right side of her spine. But make sure your moves are curvy. You’ll run more mileage by doing this than a plain straight touch.

Read to become great?

Give the Asian Escorts in Melbourne the orgasms they haven’t felt before! This will make you exceptionally great! Another thing is, they also know how to drive you insane.