5 of Bruno Mars’ Overly Sex – It – Up Songs

Without a doubt, Bruno Mars has become one of the most sensational singers of this generation. He is labeled as the ultimate performer and was able to receive countless recognitions for his songs.

On his latest album, “Locked Out of Heaven” he revealed his affinity for sex. “It puts you in a sexy frame of mind. It feels good to project. Sex is a great party starter.” Bruno Mars said during his cover feature for GQ.

Bruno Mars has long been open about his affinity for sex, casting aside any negative inhibitions. It’s in a lot of his songs and the following are the ones that fully gratified his claim.

Asian Escorts MelbourneDance in the Mirror
“I don’t get impatient/ Cause when she gets naked/ Oh the temptation”

The song that describes his love for the female body. He sings about his girl who has the extra curricular activity of dancing naked in front of the mirror after showering and how much he secretly enjoys the private show.

All I Need
“Sugar, coco and honey/ That’s why you taste like to me/ And all i need is to sex to a shape down”

Featuring Travis McCoy, Bruno Mars twisted their duo from the swoon worthy Nothing On You to the all too sexual melody of All I Need. The song speaks of a man’s desire to taste the sweetness of a woman’s body to its full extent.

“Baby squirrel, you’s a sexy motherfucker!”

For a song that highlights his supreme appreciation for a lady, the intro of Treasure would make you think otherwise. The song is not ultimately sexual but it is certainly the song that you want to jive along to for its eclectic beats.


“You just smile and tell me, “Daddy, it’s yours.”/ Cause you know how I like it/ You’s a dirty little lover”

The most sexual of all Bruno Mars’ songs, Gorilla talks about the primal encounter of hardcore loving. Complete with explicit lyrics, this song will surely blow your mind away with its sensuality.

Locked Out of Heaven
“I’m born again every time you spend the night/ Cause your sex takes me to paradise”

The song dedicated to those who are satisfied in all aspects of their sexual lives, Locked Out of Heaven will make you feel that erotic bliss. It is even the famed favorite of the courtesans of Asian Escorts Melbourne!