Asian Escorts Australia’s Jasmine Jaro – My Favourite Clients

During the course of my career, I’ve met so many wonderful clients – some took me to places I’ve never been before, some brought me to pleasurable heights, most of them made me feel special. A friendly advice, being an escort’s best client is always a plus (you know what I mean).

Being one of the independent girls of Asian Escorts Australia connected me to a loyal base of clients. I’m confident to say that I’m one of the well-known, highly reviewed escorts with a substantial reputation. Here’s a list of some of my favorite clients.

#1 The courteous client
I always appreciate a punctual and respectful client. It makes me want to return the favor in bed (wink). A genuinely nice client (a lot of them are) is like a breath of fresh air to me. I can only call you a courteous client if you treat me like a lady and you’re not condescending about my profession.

#2 The smart guy
Contrary to popular opinion, most escorts are highly educated and intelligent. I myself studied in a University so I always appreciate a good conversation. With a smart guy, I can talk about my views on politics, arts or mundane things like weather – especially on dates.

#3 The rich man
My time is a bit expensive so I really appreciate some clients who book a whole week or just the weekend. It’s not really about the money but the longer period we spend together. Some have taken me to vacations and weekend trips which were really relaxing on my part.

#4 The experienced expert
Clients who know their ways in the bedroom really turn me on. Experienced clients know the definition of pleasure and how to give it to a woman. I’ve had my fair share of experienced clients and all I can say is that tan entire session with them is never enough. They took me to heaven and back.

#5 The funny guy
I always love a good laugh. A client with a good sense of humor is hard to resist. I can be myself with a funny guy. They’re unpredictable – a minute they’re joking around and then they suddenly say the sweetest words. How could I turn down someone like that?

These are just some of my favorite clients (the list is actually long). If you want to be one, feel free to visit Asian Escorts Australia and look for me – Jasmine Jaro also known as the Empress. You just know I’m the one you have to meet.