Asian Escorts Melbourne: Make Them ORGASMS All Day!

Perhaps, you’re already tired of hearing subjects like having orgasms, great sex, lustful experiences, and other sort of erotic adventures. Blah…blah..blah… Well, that seems like a lot of things to absorb. But believe it or not, you should at least be able to learn most of those subjects, especially ORGASMS! Why? Of course… to make you a complete HUMAN!

So, if you think you’re already a well-sex educated guy, you’re probably wrong. Even, the ravishing Asian escorts Melbourne believe that they also need to keep on learning new things when it comes to “erotic spreadsheet.” Now, why not keep broadening your thoughts? Let’s go back to orgasms!

“Is it possible to have orgasms to last all day?”

Yes! Really? But it’s not that easy. You have to perform some specific exercises to master this technique. The point is, maximising the pleasure of your queens.

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First Stage: Sexual Stamina to Double Up

“The art of breathing techniques and muscle fortifying.”

This can be attained by exercising with your back straight while placing your hands on your belly. Then, do some sharp inhaling by your nose and as you breathe out, pull your abdominal muscles in. While doing the pattern, raise your testicles and penis. Now, don’t be a jerk by doing this in public! Okay?

Repeat the cycle 36 times each session – once a day or twice, or every other day. Make this lasts for two weeks. The idea of this is, lowering your heart rate – a great method for you to sustain the sensation of arousal state!

While for the strengthening of the PC muscles, do the pull-ups for 2-3 times a day for the next 14 days. Mix the exercise with inhaling and exhaling. Repeat this for two minutes every time.

Second Stage: The Magic of Spreading LOVE

Experts coined this technique as the “cool draw.” This one recycles the sensations you feel while having sexual intercourse. Plus, it also circulates the said emotional lustful state through your body!

The pattern includes inhaling while contracting both the pubococcygeus and the groin muscles that pull your testicles up. Be certain that you always feel relaxed while doing this. Repeat until you feel a sting in those muscles.

Then, squeeze your backside and think of a picture like you’re attracting energy all the way to your spine and down the front of your body! And when it reaches to your head, expect for that “whole-body orgasm!” Repeat until an unusual tingling in your head.

Third Stage: Orgasm (All-day!)

This is it! Now that you can already control the physiological aspects of the big ‘O,’ do it while you can! Strike harder buddy!

You’ll surely get that rush over and over again. Take note… by prolonging your ejaculation! – The key to becoming multi-orgasmic!

But remember, lots of practice!

Now, are you game to give the luxurious Asian Escorts Melbourne long lasting orgasms? If you are, then be gear up! Check the pictures!