Asian Escorts Melbourne – Sex in a Public Place

This lunch you’re having with a gorgeous date from Melbourne Asian Escort is going to be one hell of a delight. All eyes are on your date as you enter the door of this elegant exclusive place, her arms tucked under yours. Her sexy getup is enough to stimulate your libido.

After the hearty meal and some light drinks, she heads to the wash room to retouch her make-up and do her hair. You startle her a bit as soon as she sees your reflection in the mirror. You can’t wait to get to the motel as you’re now hornier than ever.

Asian Escorts MelbournePleasure At The Wash Room

Standing behind her, you rub your crotch against her fleshy butt, your hands digging her breasts out of her lacy bra. You delight yourself squeezing her tits and one hand slowly goes down and right into her panties.

You’re not the only one aroused as you feel her wet undies. You slide two fingers into her moist crack, in, out, again and again until she quivers with sensual pleasure. You also feel your boner starting to get as hard as rock. The two of you enjoy the steamy sight in the huge mirror.

You both let out a whimper so as not to alert other diners. Fortunately, the wash room at this time is all to yourselves.


Can’t wait for longer, she slides her panties down and bends forward to make her pussy within easy reach of your shaft. She grips onto the edge of the sink, careful not to scream as you thrust your dick into her wet pussy. She bites her bottom lip as you excite her with your pounding.

You know pretty much that sex in a public place like this drive you both crazy. There’s a certain intensity of pleasure you both feel when you know that any time, someone will come barging in.

She catches her breath in her throat as you grab her hair. You growl at her under your breath, tightening your grip on her hip so you can speed up your thrusts. Her jaw drops as you explode inside her dripping wet pussy. You savour the moment just staying there inside her cunt while looking at the reflection in the mirror; the look of desire spreading across your face.

As the heat subsides, you take her by the hand and lead her out and back to your table, as if nothing happened. You’re looking forward to the next lunch date with a hot chick from Asian Escorts Melbourne. Book this early!