How Drugs Affect Women’s Sex Life?

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Women Who Use Drugs Become Fearful of Sex


sex and drugs


While a lot of movies and TV shows often present, or depict, using drugs like cocaine, opium and even cannabis as a novel way to expand your sex life, a new study conducted by a Swedish university has found out that women who are recovering from drug use actually struggle with sexual experiences. Let’s read further to find out what the study reveals. more »

Signs You’re Ready for a New Relationship

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Relationships can be a tricky thing. Sometimes you think you like someone, but it turns out you were just infatuated with them, like you would be with the gorgeous vixens at Asian Escorts Melbourne. Then there’s being able to tell when you’re ready for another relationship after your last one ended. This is in no more »

Planning an Erotic Holiday Getaway

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If you’re bent on celebrating the coming holidays differently than the rest, and create a naughty holiday experience to remember, the first step is to make up your mind about what kind of memories you want to create, and where you want to create them. What’s your definition of a naughty Christmas getaway? Are you more »

Getting your Partner in the Mood

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When it comes to getting into the mood, men greatly differ from women. Most guys start thinking about sex whenever they see a woman wear really short skirts, or show lots of cleavage. Women however, require additional time to heat up, because as scientists explain, certain “switches” need to be triggered before a woman’s brain more »

The Greek Taboo

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Ever wanted to try something new but never did? There are a lot of reasons that people do not explore the limits of their sexuality only to end up with regrets. Luckily, Asian Escorts Melbourne is there to help you through that. Wanting to try Greek but not sure how to go about it? Well, more »

Sex Toys to Spice Things Up

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Like any other tool or item sex toys took thousands of years to develop and enhance, from Palaeolithic-era 8-inch siltstone dildos to steam-powered vibrators of the 1800s, the cordless vibrators of the 60’s, and the recyclable solar-powered dildos of today. And while it’s easy to see conventional toys at the local sex shop, some sex toys are not for everyone, and are perhaps only designed for sex-starved or excessively prolific psychos. Here’s a look at a few of the weirdest sex toys offered today.

Sex Toys to Spice Things Up1. The Vibrating Rubber Duck

If you’re looking for a cute and cuddly sex toy to use with your spouse, or with your favourite Asian Escorts Melbourne, why don’t you try getting the vibrating rubber duck now!

This innocent-looking toy is actually meant to ease or transition less-experienced users into the colourful and interesting world of sex toys, through the lure of in-offensive cuteness. That explains why if you go to a sex store or online sex shop, you’re bombarded with lots of “cute” choices, from rabbit to octopus, dog and duck-themed vibrators!

2. The King JCobra Gentleman’s Ring

Looking for a cock ring that’s as mean and terrifying as, a king cobra? This cobra-for-your-dick actually offers a very handy mix of pure erotic pleasure, and a sexual harassment lawsuit.

The King JCobra Gentleman’s Cock Ring is made from solid gold, silver and platinum, and is surprisingly shaped like a real-life poisonous snake! Just make sure you tell your wife, girlfriend or mistress, that you have the King JCobra cock ring, or else they’d probably jump out of the bed and scream a lot of obscenities at you!

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Sex Toys that you can actually eat

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You’ll be so surprised at the merchandise available in sex shops today. Not only will you find stuff that make sex exciting and interesting, but you’ll also find lots of stuff that you can eat, when you’re hungry! From lubes that taste like spaghetti or pizza sauce to sweet candy-like panties and bras, here’s a sampling of the tasty treats that you can find at your friendly local sex shop, or online sex store.

Sex Toys that you can actually eatCandy Bras

Here’s one delectable sex toy that you can ask your partner, or the hot Asian Escorts Melbourne you’re dating, to wear (and you can eat them too) – candy bras. If you’ve bought candy necklaces when you were a kid, then the candy bras look just like those, although they resemble an A-cup lady’s bra.

The candy bra tastes a bit stale and dusty though, perhaps because it was manufactured by some edible sex toy maker in Sevastopol, or Shenzen. But since they’re now offered in sex toy stores, perhaps the FDA or even the Centers For Disease Control, have already approved them for mass consumption!

Edible Panties

Edible panties have existed for decades already, and they were even banned at some point in the 50s or 60s, due to pressure from nosy, party-pooper conservatives.

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Avoiding Untimely Ejaculation

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Each individual man hopes to go longer while in bed and meet the needs of his mate. However, there’s definitely a growing number of men today who happen to be experiencing problems putting-off or regulating their cumming. For folks who cannot stand the idea of employing synthetic prescription drugs for treatment, you possibly can find a number of non-prescription and efficient means designed for eradicating uncontrolled emission. Below are a handful of the most suitable processes for untimely discharge nowadays.

Asian Escorts MelbourneFactors Behind Premature Ejaculation (PE)

As reported by medical experts, this condition is brought about by a number of specifics. These generally include libidinous innocence, guilt feelings, fright as well as gloominess, higher testosterone levels, chemical fluctuations and more. But then in the instance you cannot excite your significant other or preferred Melbourne Asian Escort, don’t get worried for you can use a bunch of all natural means to cure it, as an example:

1. Start-Stop Masturbation

One of the great natural techniques for PE is the start-stop genital stimulation. Simply masturbate similar to what you commonly undertake, nonetheless, remember to count the number of blows. Every time you’re about to unleash, totally stop in a timely manner and just let the vibes decline.

The moment you are properly laid back, keep on jerking-off, but also repeat the process until you could hardly control it any longer. The start-stop method, a natural remedy for early orgasm, has been recognised to help gents last longer in intercourse.

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Unforgettable Orgasms, Ultimate Bliss

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With the right partner, sex goes from ho-hum to great, and from great to unforgettable. Many of the gorgeous vixens from Asian Escorts Melbourne do just that. They give themselves fully to the pleasure of the moment, making sure you get the best experience possible. She continued to grind, her ass pressed up against my more »

Basic Positions with Erotic Twists

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Sex in the same places, let alone in the same positions, is bound to get boring at some point. Being with one of the hot vixens featured in the pages of Melbourne Asian Escort will heat things up. But only to a certain point. You don’t have to be an acrobat, nor get too crazy more »
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