Melbourne Escorts: 4 Ways to Satisfy My Clients

Hello gentlemen, as a well-known escort in Melbourne, most people ask me how I do it. Getting high reviews, gifts – I hate to brag, but most of my clients do remember me. I’ll share some of secrets to being one of the most sought-after temptresses.

Being one of the ladies of Melbourne Escorts, my years of experience made me learn so much about the business. Not to mention the lifestyle and the male psyche. So, let me share how I satisfy my clients and make them come back for more.

Asian Escorts Melbourne1. It’s not always about the sex…

Contrary to public opinion, men don’t just hire escorts to fulfil their sexual needs. Clients look for our services because they want some great, and gorgeous, companionship. They want a date that they can take out to dinners, and start a conversation with.

It makes a man feel proud and worthy to be in the presence of a beautiful woman. That’s why I take care of myself and look my best whenever and wherever I go. One of the secrets is to make my clients look good in front of others.

2. Give him the best sex of his life…

I always encourage my clients to share his fantasies with me. Do your homework and learn about his kinks, fetishes and fantasies. Ladies, communication is important. Every guy has a turn-on spot, you just have to find out what, and where it is to pull the trigger.

If he likes a hint of bondage and discipline, I give him some of my best S&M maneuvers. However, it doesn’t mean I don’t get pleasure too. Exploring lots of different things with my clients takes me to heaven and back.

3. Show him new tricks and positions…

I make it a point of mine to equip myself with out of the box moves, especially in the bedroom. Who wouldn’t want a ‘wow’ experience? Because my services go from GFE to PSE, I can go from the sweetest chick to the naughtiest girl you know.

I can dress up when you want me to, talk dirty in bed, and give you satisfying positions that will blow your mind. Experience a night that you’ll still think about the next day. Yes, I’m an expert when it comes to exploring the human body.

4. Enjoy the time I spend with him…

I can say my ultimate secret is that I enjoy my profession. You won’t satisfy your man if you’re not having fun yourself. My career has already taken me to places I’ve never been to before. Every client is a new experience. Every booking is something new to learn.

Escorts are the sex goddesses you’ve always dreamed of. Come and see me in our gallery together with the other girls of Melbourne Escorts. I can’t wait to spend some time with you. Let’s make our day, or weekend, your most memorable!