Role Play With A Naughty Nurse – Asian Escorts Melbourne Story

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My patient was lying on the bed, intently watching my every move. I walked in carrying a pitcher of water and a glass of ice cubes. “How are you doing tonight?” I asked. He immediately noticed my large tits pressing against my nurse uniform. Asian Escorts Melbourne is popular when it comes to sexual nurse-patient role playing.

Asian Escorts MelbourneYou’re the prettiest nurse I know,” he said. “Do you mind if I take your vital signs?” I replied with a naughty smile, maintaining my eye contact with him. I sat up on the edge of his bed and took his pulse, which became rapid by the minute. I sensed his excitement instantly.

My gaze dropped to his groin, and asked “Are you experiencing any pain?” I bit my lip sexily and waited for a response. “I’m having some discomfort in my inner thigh.” I grinned and placed my hand over his growing cock. I cupped his balls for a few seconds.

“I’m afraid you have to take off your pants.” My craving builds up as he hastened to pull down his pants, showing his already-erect, big cock. I reached down and took hold of his package, my firm grip making him moan. I began jerking his cock and cupping his balls and it went rock hard.


He reached over for my breasts and started undoing the buttons of my uniform. I let out a soft moan as he felt how soft and big they were. When he couldn’t control his lustful desire any longer, he pushed me on the bed and removed the rest of my clothes.

He sucked my bare breasts and continued to trace his tongue all the way down my soaking wet pussy. It felt so good I almost screamed, my sweet juices dribbling down the sheets. He flipped me over on my stomach and bent over for him to enter me. I was too horny to think of anything.

“Put your cock inside me and get your dose of medicine,” I ordered. He slid his cock inside my pussy and grabbed my breasts from behind. He felt my ass, spanked it and thrust deeper into my dripping pussy. I orgasmed so good that my moan echoed throughout the room.

When he was about to come, I turned around and rubbed my tits against his tip, as he continued to jerk it. It shouted out his hot cum and I let it run from my chest down to my stomach. Satisfied, we rested for a while before leaving. From the looks of it, he was all better.

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