Sex Toys that you can actually eat

You’ll be so surprised at the merchandise available in sex shops today. Not only will you find stuff that make sex exciting and interesting, but you’ll also find lots of stuff that you can eat, when you’re hungry! From lubes that taste like spaghetti or pizza sauce to sweet candy-like panties and bras, here’s a sampling of the tasty treats that you can find at your friendly local sex shop, or online sex store.

Sex Toys that you can actually eatCandy Bras

Here’s one delectable sex toy that you can ask your partner, or the hot Asian Escorts Melbourne you’re dating, to wear (and you can eat them too) – candy bras. If you’ve bought candy necklaces when you were a kid, then the candy bras look just like those, although they resemble an A-cup lady’s bra.

The candy bra tastes a bit stale and dusty though, perhaps because it was manufactured by some edible sex toy maker in Sevastopol, or Shenzen. But since they’re now offered in sex toy stores, perhaps the FDA or even the Centers For Disease Control, have already approved them for mass consumption!

Edible Panties

Edible panties have existed for decades already, and they were even banned at some point in the 50s or 60s, due to pressure from nosy, party-pooper conservatives.

The product resembles a red garbage bag though, or a paper-thin plastic sleeve with a red square, yet it tastes like cherry candy, or a pear-flavoured soda. It also feels like plastic in your mouth, but after a few seconds of chewing, it will start to melt, and reveal its true flavour. Some edible panties however, have a different texture, which tastes like beef jerky that’s close to its expiry date!

Tropical-Flavoured Condoms

The condoms of the 70s or 80s were, of course not edible, and had a petroleum- like feel. But look at the condoms of today, and you’ll be surprised to find three-pack condoms that have sweet tropical flavours!

When I say “tropical”, it’s not a direct reference to the sunny tropics, but the condom’s taste (pineapple, mango, guava, banana etc.). However, you can’t actually eat this, but you can chew on it just like you chew on Juicy Fruit or Chiclet. So if the taste wears off, then just spit it out.

Blueberry Cheesecake Lube

Craving for blueberry cheesecake, even when you’re in bed with someone? Then checkout the Blueberry Cheesecake Lube. Some critics however, say that cheesecake is not essentially linked to sex. So if you need to have sex with some dessert, then maybe you should do what the blokes did in American Pie!

Do sex shops and porn stores sell food? Yes they do. But could you make a decent meal out of them? Well, that would depend on your tastes, or tolerance levels. So before you decide to buy something at the sex shop for your wife or favourite Asian Escorts Melbourne, make sure they’re durable, and edible too!