The Greek Taboo

Ever wanted to try something new but never did? There are a lot of reasons that people do not explore the limits of their sexuality only to end up with regrets.

Luckily, Asian Escorts Melbourne is there to help you through that. Wanting to try Greek but not sure how to go about it? Well, leave it in our capable hands…or other orifice….

He had a beautiful body. He wasn’t bulky. His muscles were defined, hard and oh so delicious…yet, he was so very self-conscious.

“I’ve always wanted to try this but was afraid to…Perhaps we shouldn’t continue. I’m sorry for having wasted your ti..”

I sushed his protests…covering his lips with mine. He was a very gorgeous specimen; his hesitation, pulled at my heartstrings. Such a beautiful man shouldn’t be so indecisive…not with the equipment he was packing.

It was thick…but it was asleep. Nestled in the very middle of a dark red nest of curls…a natural redhead I see…well, I plan on changing that. No words were spoken. They were not needed. My form of therapy did not deal in verbal currency. No, actions have to speak to this man. Actions WILL speak to him.

I kissed him passionately, chasing away all fear. I brought his hands to my body giving him free reign. Such beautiful hands. Rough with calluses from work. I loved the feel of them on me, I moaned my pleasure.

I pressed myself closer to him…OH MY! This would be a VERY tight fit for sure. I felt his cock slide in between my legs, thick, vein-ey, and oh so fucking hard. I move our hands from my sides to my ass, letting him know that all is well. I guide his fingers, letting it push past the first ring of muscle, gently massaging. One finger was joined by its brother…oh lord almighty! How he fills me, I can’t take this. My impatience rears its ugly head when I thrusted my own finger in harshly. I grit my teeth, the harsh intrusion a bit stinging…but I so loved the pain it brought. Such exquisite pleasure…I can’t wait for his cock to fill me…to stretch me wide…and to pummel me so harshly…I hunger…

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