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She continued to grind, her ass pressed up against my groin while her inner muscles squeezed my shaft now and then like a third hand, her pussy already dripping. I fondled her soft, perfectly formed breasts, pinching a nipple gently and earning a louder moan each time I did so.

Asian Escorts MelbourneShe spread her legs wider to try and take me deeper, while she started bouncing up and down; I could feel my dick sliding in and out of her. There were no words – we were past that stage, and I honestly didn’t trust myself to speak.

I planted kisses down her neck, feeling her shudder under my touch, her squirming in anticipation as I caressed her torso, one hand dropping below her waist to stroke her. My fingers found her clit without any trouble; she was so aroused.

Then, she gave a louder moan, leaning forward with her hands on my knees for more balance as she quickened her pace, alternating thrusts with grinding. “Oh fuuuuuck…” I moaned myself, nearly sailing over the edge from the continuous stimulation.

Careful not to slide out of her, I knelt, guiding her into doggy style and holding her hips to steady both of us. “Don’t hold back,” she breathed, her first uttered words in a while since things really heated up. I picked up where she left off, thrusting hard and fast while we both gave voice to the ecstasy we were feeling.

Incredibly, we came together, a warm, liquid explosion that robbed me of breath. I heard her screaming, felt her tense with the sheer pleasure of it. Slowly, we collapsed onto the bed, still connected, my arm around her waist as I tried to get my breath back. That was the first mutual orgasm I’d experienced, I realised, and it was incredible.

She glanced over her shoulder at me, the barest of mischievous smiles curving her lips. “Are you up for round two?”

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